SpecialCareSM Program

Every member of our SpecialCareSM team has firsthand experience with a special needs family member 

To do our best for families with special needs, a certain level of understanding is necessary. In many cases, that understanding only comes from personally seeing just how challenging life with a disability can be. This is why every member of our SpecialCareSM team has firsthand experience with a special needs family member.

Though there are a variety of resources for the disabled community in western New York, we see a serious lack of information and advice around long term planning. SpecialCareSM is a program we offer at MassMutual New York State to help families develop a life care plan—a coordinated program of future care planning, financial and legal strategies for a loved one who has a disability or special needs. 

  • How are you planning for the health care costs of a special needs child?
  • Who will take care of that child should the primary caregivers no longer be able to do so?
  • How will your special needs child be financially supported as an adult?
  • How will you coordinate your own retirement planning needs with the financial needs of your child?

Many people are overwhelmed by the complexity of these issues. Our SpecialCareSM team brings an experienced and educated approach to help you prepare for the wellbeing of your special needs family member – and for your financial future.

Meet our SpecialCareSM team lead, Michael Argaman, as well as our other Special Care Planners.

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