about us

The Establishment by MassMutual

Who We Are

We know that many people don’t like talking about money or financial planning – it feels intimidating, or too far into the future to think about now. The Establishment is a place where people like you come take on financial education. The Establishment can help you make sense of money, your way.

You don’t have to already be loaded to kick start your plans. And you don’t have to compromise who you are to meet your financials goals. Whether you have no idea what the difference is between a stock and a bond, or you’re trying to figure out how to free up cash to buy a house, or you’re buried under a mountain of student loans, we’re here to help.

How We Got Started

The Establishment is a pilot program launched by MassMutual and MML Investors Services in 2015. As a mutual insurance company, MassMutual takes a long-term view. And this long-term view has led it to commit resources to the Establishment as a new venture aimed at helping people get more established.

What We Do

We work with adults to help you learn about the financial topics that affect your goals and planning. During our classes and events, we are not offering or selling any financial products – only education, and a place where people feel welcome and inspired to make informed decisions on their goals and in their lives. If at some point you are interested in purchasing financial products, well, our representatives can help with that too.

When you think “financial education,” do you picture a guy your dad’s age behind a mahogany desk droning on about investments? We thought that might be the case. It’s time to retire financial stereotypes so you know what getting smart can really look like.

The Establishment offers different types of events focused on personal finance topics, like insurance, investments, and debt. At these core financial events, attendees will receive generalized education in a group setting to help them think about their financial situation and take action on their financial goals.

To learn more visit: www.theestablishmentbuffalo.com